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2018 NESCAC recruits

Here is the link to our database for 2018-19 recruits (class of 2022), with a total of 78 names, we have reached the final total for the year. This was very much a subpar year in terms of numbers of recruits, with the next-to-the-lowest number that we have recorded in the 10 seasons for which we have maintained a database of recruits and falling 7 below the average of 85 recruits. Four NESCAC schools recruited relatively lightly this year in terms of numbers — Amherst (5), Bowdoin (7), Hamilton (7), and Trinity (7). We ended up with 10 recruits for Conn College, 9 recruits for Middlebury and Wesleyan, 8 recruits for Colby, Tufts, and Williams, 7 recruits for Bowdoin, Hamilton, and Trinity, and 5 recruits for Amherst. Of the 78 incoming players, 51 are junior hockey products, 21 are prep school products, and 6 are college transfers.

Coaches, parents, players, teammates, advisors, etc., please let us know of commitments for the 2018-19 season (class of 2022 for freshmen players) or corrections by going here to submit names of recruits and corrections.


1/8/19 addition: Taggart Corriveau (F)-Trinity via St Lawrence University (ECAC (D1)) & Westminster Prep (Founders)
11/16/18 addition: Michael McHale (G)-Conn College via Rochester Americans (USPHL (elite div)
11/15/18 additions: John Fiallo (D)-Wesleyan via Loomis Chaffee (Founders)
Jack Zangre (D)-Wesleyan via Tilton (NEPSAC)
11/7/18 addition: Niko Karamanis (F)-Williams via Vernon Vipers (BCHL) & Shattuck St Mary’s (midget)
10/10/18 additions: Matteo Esposito (G)-Wesleyan via  Bonnyville (AJHL), Dauphin (MJHL), Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (NAHL), Chilliwack (BCHL) & Brunswick (NEPSAC)
Quincy Gregg (D)-Wesleyan via Skidmore (NEHC (D3)), Syracuse Stars (USPHL (premier) & Salisbury (Founders)
Wilson McCloy (D)-Wesleyan via NY Apple Core (EHL) & Loomis Chaffee (Founders)
8/24/18 additions: Nick Rutigliano (D)-Hamilton via Bentley (Hockey Atlantic (D1)), West Kelowna (BCHL) & Boston Advantage (T1EHL)
Rune Kirby (D)-Tufts via Odessa Jackalopes (NAHL) & Culver (indep prep/jr)
7/21/18 additions: Devin Moore (F)-Trinity via Quinnipiac (ECAC (D1)), Brockville Braves (CCHL) & Exeter (NEPSAC)
Matt Creamer (F)-Conn College via Quinnipiac (ECAC (D1)), Nanaimo Clippers (BCHL), & Selects Academy (USPHL U16 & U18)
6/19/18 additions: Eugene (“Emacke”) Bentley (F)-Middlebury via Lone Star Brahmas (NAHL), New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs (EHL) & Cleveland Barons (T1EHL U16 & U18)
Nick Altmann (F)-Williams via Minnesota Wilderness (MAHL) & Duluth East HS (MSHSL)
6/1/18 addition: Michael Thomas (D)-Colby via Ottawa Jr Senators & Nepean Raiders (CCHL) & Lake Forest Academy (MPHL)
5/23/18 addition: Stephen Rex (F)-Amherst via Amarillo Bulls (NAHL), Peters Township HS (PIHL) & Pittsburgh Penguins Elite (T1EHL U16 & U18)
5/20/18 additions: Connor Sunquist (F)-Trinity via Surrey & Salmon Arm Silverbacks (BCHL), Sioux City Musketeers (USHL) & Selects Hockey Academy (USPHL U16 & U18)
Sam Stone (F)-Conn College via Exeter (NEPSAC) & St John’s Prep (MIAA)
5/15/18 addition: Justin Brandt (F)-Tufts via Austin Bruins (NAHL), short stints with 4 other NAHL teams, Syracuse Stars (USPHL (premier)), Victory Honda (T1EHL) & Little Caesars (HPHL U16)
5/9/18 additions: Robert Dysart (F)-Wesleyan via Maine Wild (NA3HL), Potomac Patriots (USPHL (premier & elite)) & Carolina Eagles (USP3HL)
Max Alsarraf (D)-Trinity via Exeter (NEPSAC) & Roxbury Latin (ISL) [7/21/18 UPDATE: deleted]
5/1/18 addition: Brendan Skarda (F)-Tufts via Minnesota Magicians (NAHL) & Minnetonka HS (MSHSL)
4/24/18 addition: Peter Scheschareg (F)-Conn College via Exeter (NEPSAC) & Arlington HS (MIAA)
4/21/18 addition: Kyle St. Denis (G)-Bowdoin via RPI (ECAC (D1)), Syracuse Stars & Springfield Pics (USPHL (premier)) & Hotchkiss (Founders)
4/15/18 addition: Brett Moccia (F)-Conn College via Governor’s (ISL) & Highland Park Falcons (CSDHL U16) [6/1/18 UPDATE: deferring matriculation to play junior hockey (EHL)]
4/10/18 addition: Anthony Quatieri (F)-Conn College via Norther Cyclones (USPHL (NCDC)), Northeast Generals (NAHL), Boston Jr Rangers (EJEPL U18)  & St John’s Prep (MIAA)
4/5/18 addition: John Scala (F)-Middlebury via New Hampshire Avalanche (EHL), P.A.L. Junior Islanders (USPHL (NCDC, Premier & U18)) & New Jersey Rockets (T1EHL U16)
4/2/18 additions: Austen Halpin (D)-Colby via Jersey Hitmen & Syracuse Stars (both USPHL (NCDC)), & HC Dallas (NAPHL U16)
Sean Wrenn (F)-Amherst via Noble & Greenough (ISL) & Malden Catholic (MIAA)
3/29/18 additions: Zach Shapiro (F)-Middlebury via Syracuse Stars (USPHL (NCDC)), Omaha Lancers (NAPHL U18) & Compuware (HPHL U18)
Cole Poliziani (F)-Trinity via Alberni Valley (BCHL), Chilliwack Chiefs (BCHL), Salisbury (Founders), Hamilton Red Wings (OJHL) & Appleby College (CISAA)
Justin Marler (F)-Hamilton via Islanders Hockey Club (USPHL (NCDC)) & Deerfield (Founders)
Mitchell Shults (F)-Amherst-Syracuse Stars (USPHL (NCDC)) & Brother Rice HS (MHSAA)
3/26/18 addition: Stevie O’Connor (F)-Wesleyan via Boston Bandits (USPHL (NCDC)) & Milton (ISL)
3/23/18 addition: Aaron Jones (F)-Amherst via Syracuse Stars (USPHL (Premier, Elite & U18)
3/22/18 addition: Jalen Kaplan (D)-Colby via Delbarton (NJSIAA)
3/20/18 addition: Michael Morrissey (F)-Colby via Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (NAHL, AYHL (U18), NAPHL (U18) & USPHL (U18))
3/17/18 additions: Mitchell Pelletier (F)-Williams via Worcester Academy (NEPSAC)
Cam Berube (D)-Bowdoin via Cushing (NEPSAC) & Haverhill HS (MIAA)
3/16/18 addition: Tyler Cooligan (F)-Williams via Kent (Founders) & Webster Thomas HS (NYSPHSAA)
3/8/18 addition: Bryant Gunn (D)-Amherst via Philadelphia Rebels (NAHL ) & Culver (indep prep/Midget)
3/3/18 additions: Nick Schultze (F)-Tufts via Springfield Jr. Blues & Topeka Road Runners (NAHL), Neepawa Natives (MJHL), Melfort Mustangs (SJHL) & Anaheim Jr. Ducks (T1EHL (U18))
Sean Storr (G)-Hamilton via Rockford Nationals (CCHL) & Hartford Jr. Wolfpack (EHL)
3/2/18 addition: Graham Rutledge (D)-Bowdoin via Truro Bearcats (MJAHL) & Exeter (NEPSAC)
3/1/18 addition: Lucas Michaud (F)-Trinity via Islanders Hockey Club (USPHL (NCDC)), Chicago Steel & Muskegon Lumberjacks (USHL), Portland Jr Pirates (USPHL (premier)) & Berwick (NEPSAC)
2/23/18 addition: Angus Scott (C)-Tufts via Corpus Christi IceRays (NAHL), Spruce Grove Saints (AJHL), Camrose Kodiaks (AJHL), Lincoln Stars (USHL) & Notre Dame Hounds (SMHL (Midget))
2/22/18 additions: Conor Breen (D)-Middlebury via South Shore Kings (USPHL (NCDC)), Hotchkiss (Founders) & Moses Brown (NEPSAC)
Quinn Doyle (F)-Colby via Andover (NEPSAC) & Pittsford HS (NYSPHSAA)
Velan Nandhakumaran (D)-Colby via Milton (ISL)
2/20/18 addition: Colin McCabe (D)-Conn College via Northeast Generals (NAHL), South Shore Kings (USPHL (Premier)) & Thayer (ISL)
2/18/18 additions: Tyler Levine (F)-Wesleyan via Islanders Hockey Club (USPHL (NCDC)), Okotok Oilers (AJHL) & Andover (NEPSAC)
2/16/18 additions: Brian Sanzone (F)-Colby via Northern Cyclones (USPHL (NCDC)) & Chicago Young Americans (HPHL)
Kyle Shero (F)-Conn College via South Shore Kings (USPHL (NCDC)) & Kimball Union (NEPSAC)
Kevin O’Leary (D)-Trinity via South Shore Kings(USPHL (NCDC)) & Westminster (Founders)
Andrew Court (F)-Hamilton via Georgetown Raiders (OJHL)
2/12/18 additions: Jimmy Duffy (F)-Bowdoin via Roxbury Latin (ISL)
Chad Varney (F)-Hamilton via Calgary Canucks (AJHL), Brockville Braves (CCHL), & Gunnery (NEPSAC)
Danny Sorabella (F)-Wesleyan via Boston Jr. Rangers (EHL, EHL Elite, & MetJHL)
2/11/18 addition: Steven Senese (F)-Conn College via Drayton Valley Thunder (AJHL) & Nichols (CISAA)
2/10/18 additions: Joey Moore (F)-Hamilton via Northern Cyclones (USPHL (NCDC)), Topeka RoadRunners (NAHL) & Northwood (independent juniors)
Jordi  Jefferson (F)-Hamilton via Brockville Braves (CCHL) & Trinity-Pawling (Founders)
2/9/18 additions: Kyle Jadatz (C)-Bowdoin via Exeter (NEPSAC) & Long Island Royals (AYHL)
Joshua Sarlo (G)-Tufts via Rochester Monarchs (USPHL (NCDC)), Fairbank Ice Dogs (NAHL), North Jersey Avalanche (T1EHL & AYHL)
2/8/18 additions: Tyler Capello (F)-Middlebury via Rivers (ISL)
Trevor Spence (D)-Tufts via Noble & Greenough (ISL) & Cape Cod Whalers (MHSL)
2/5/18 addition: Albert Washco (F)-Bowdoin via Gunnery (NEPSAC) & La Salle HS (PIHL)
2/3/18 addition: Adam Wisco (G)-Middlebury via Pickering (OJHL) & Lake Forest Academy (MPHL)
2/2/18 addition: Colin Stevens (D)-Conn College via Hawkesbury Hawks (CCHL) & Brooks (ISL)
1/28/18 addition: Logan Clarke (F)-Colby via Rochester Monarchs (USPHL (NCDC)), Cumberland Grads (CCHL) & Holderness (NEPSAC)
1/12/18 additions: Jonah Capriotti (G)-Trinity via Wellington Dukes (OJHL) & Salisbury (Founders)
Calvin LeClair (F)-Tufts via New Hampshire Avalanche (EHL) & Westminster (Founders)
1/4/18 addition: Patrick Ault (D)-Bowdoin via Holderness (NEPSAC) & Cleveland Barons (T1EHL)


NESCAC recruits tend to “commit” to the admissions process for via the early decision (round 1) (ED 1) process starting in the summer and right up until a few days before the deadlines for applications. A smaller number of NESCAC recruits are admitted through the early decision (round 2) (ED 2) process, which has slightly later deadlines. Generally speaking, applications for NESCAC recruits will have been informally pre-cleared through the admissions process so admission is close to guaranteed for those applicants who have committed to a particular school, with the support of the coach. This process is called a “pre-read” and, by agreement among the NESCAC schools, cannot begin until July 1 of the year in which the athlete plans to apply to a NESCAC school. The pre-read is the process by which NESCAC coaches determine how to dole out their “slots” thought the “tipping” system to incoming hockey players (and other athletes).

A substantial majority (perhaps as many as 70% and maybe more) of NESCAC hockey players are admitted through ED 1 and ED 2, with Nov. 1 deadlines for ED 1 applications at Amherst, Middlebury, and Tufts and Nov 15 ED 1 applications deadlines at all other NESCAC hockey schools and Jan. 1 for ED 2 applications. All NESCAC schools have ED 2 except for Amherst and Williams. Transfer application deadlines for fall admission are March 1 for Amherst, Bowdoin, Colby, and Middlebury, March 15 for Trinity, Tufts, and Wesleyan, and April 1 for Conn College, Hamilton, and Williams; transfer application deadlines for second semester admissions are Nov. 1 (Bowdoin and Williams do not admit transfer applicants for the second semester).

Key Dates in NESCAC Admission Process:

Release in 2018 dates for regular decision (RD) admissions:
March 15: Williams
March 16: Bowdoin, Colby & Trinity
March 23: Amherst & Hamilton
March 24: Conn College, Middlebury & Wesleyan
March 29: Tufts

Release dates in 2018 for early decision round two (ED 2) were:
Feb. 2: Bowdoin
Feb. 3: Middlebury
Feb. 8: Tufts
Feb. 9: Conn College, Hamilton, and Trinity
Feb. 10: Wesleyan
Feb. 15: Colby

Release dates in 2017 for early decision round one (ED 1) were:
Dec. 8: Amherst and Williams
Dec. 9: Middlebury
Dec. 13: Wesleyan
Dec. 14: Hamilton and Trinity
Dec. 15: Bowdoin, Colby, Connecticut College, and Tufts

Release of regular decision “early writes” (early writes are released on a staggered basis) were as follows in 2017:
March 9: Bowdoin
March 10: Williams
March 11: Wesleyan

Release dates for regular decision (RD) admissions in 2017 were:
March 17: Bowdoin (7pm) & Colby (3pm)
March 18: Middlebury
March 22: Williams (evening)
March 23: Trinity
March 24: Amherst (“late in the day”), Hamilton (evening) & Wesleyan
March 25: Conn College (10am)
March 30: Tufts

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