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2016 NESCAC recruits

Here is the link to our database for 2016-17 recruits (class of 2020), with 84 names. In the 7 seasons that we have maintained a database of recruits, the number of NESCAC recruits per year has averaged about 86, with a low of 77 in 2013 and a high of 92 in 2009, so we have a slightly below average year in terms of numbers of new players. In terms of numbers, we have 13 recruits for Conn College, 1o recruits for Middlebury, 9 recruits for Tufts, 8 recruits for Amherst, Bowdoin, Wesleyan, and Williams, 7 for Colby and Trinity, and 6 for Hamilton. Of the 84 new players, 41 are junior hockey products, 39 are prep (33), high school (3), or midget (3) products, and 4 are college transfers (2 of the 3 D1 transfers and the 1 D3 transfer enrolled at the semester break or about one-third of the way through the season).

Coaches, parents, players, teammates, advisors, etc., please let us know of commitments for the 2016-17 season (class of 2020) or corrections by going here to submit names of recruits and corrections.


1/6/17 addition: Connor Rodericks (G)-Conn College via Endicott College (CCC (D3)), Walpole Express (EHL) & Portsmouth Abbey (NEPSAC)
1/3/17 additions: Andrew Chugg (D)-Trinity via Bentley (Atlantic Hockey (D1)), Surrey Eagles (BCHL), and Kent (Founders)
Sean Lawrence (G)-Colby via Quinnipiac (Hockey East (D1) and Boston Jr Bruins (USPHL & EJHL)
12/6/16 addition: Bailey Aust (G)-Conn College via Northern Cyclones U18 (Midget) & Topeka Capitals (NA3HL) (Midget)
11/16/16 additions: Liam Ferguson (F)-Conn College via Amarillo Bulls (NAHL), Chilliwack Chiefs (BCHL) & Brunswick (NEPSAC)
Jamie Carnavalla (D)-Conn College via Millbrook (NEPSAC) 7 Connecticut Oilers (Midget)
11/14/16 addition: Joey Piccinini (F)-Middlebury via Junior Bruins (USPHL (Elite)) and Wyoming Seminary (indep prep)
11/8/16 addition: Chris Browne (G)-Hamilton via Pingry (NJSIAA)
9/1/16 addition: Mark Esposito (D)-Amherst via Chilliwack (BCHL) & Brunswick (NEPSAC)
9/1/16 deletion: Corey Goldstein (F)-Amherst via Malden Catholic (MIAA) (deferring a year & playing for the Islanders Hockey Club (USPHL)
7/7/16 additions: Charlie Zuccarini (F)-Trinity via Arizona State (D1), Trail Smoke Eaters (BCHL) & Trinity-Pawling (Founders)
Adam Anderson (F)-Trinity via Fairbank Ice Dogs (NAHL) & Centennial HS (MSHSL)
6/17/16 addition: Kienan Scott (F)-Colby via Trail Smoke Eaters (BCHL) & Summerland Steam (KIHL)
6/2/16 addition: Jordan Haney (D)-Tufts via Exeter (NEPSAC)
6/1/16 addition: Noah Gilreath (D)-Amherst via Wichita Falls (NAHL), Point Mallard (NA3HL) & Cranbrook-Kingswood (MIHL)
5/27/16 addition: PJ Conlon (F)-Amherst via Victoria Grizzlies (BCHL) & Upper Canada College (CISAA)
5/22/16 addition: Matt Huston (G)-Wesleyan via Pittsburgh Selects (Midget Tier I) & Freeport HS (PIHL)
5/13/16 addition: Pat Daly (F)-Amherst via Dexter & Andover (NEPSAC)
5/10/16 addition: George Blinick (G)-Wesleyan via Philadelphia Jr Flyers (EHL), Babson (NEHC (D3)) & Berkshire (NEPSAC)
5/6/16 additions: Hunter Vannier (F)-Wesleyan via Valley Jr Warriors & Connecticut Oilers (EHL)
Billy Stahley (F)-Conn College via Andover (NEPSAC) & Central Catholic (MIAA)
Robert Cerepak (F)-Colby via Florida Eels (USP3), Kalkaska Rhinos (USPHL (Elite Div)), Gunnery (NEPSAC) & Lawrenceville (MAPL)
4/29/16 additions: Jacob Moreau (F)-Conn College via Carleton Place Canadians (CCHL) & Millbrook (NEPSAC)
Jeff Thompson (F)-Conn College via Connecticut Oilers (EHL) & Berkshire (NEPSAC)
JP Schuhlen (F)-Colby via Westminster (Founders)
4/12/16 additions: Frankie Cosolito (D)-Middlebury via Catholic Memorial (MIAA)
Evan Johnson (F)-Williams via Gunnery (NEPSAC)
4/11/16 addition: Will Somers (F)-Williams via Hotchkiss (Founders)
4/10/16 addition: Danny Jacobs (F)-Middlebury via Noble & Greenough (ISL)
4/5/16 additions: Patrick Geary (F)-Bowdoin via Cowichan Valley (BCHL) & Lloydminster Bobcats (AJHL)
Spencer Fox (F)-Wesleyan via Milton (ISL)
4/1/16 addition: Joey Lupo (F)-Amherst via Springfield Jr Blues (NAHL)
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NESCAC recruits tend to “commit” to the admissions process for via the early decision (round 1) (ED 1) process starting in the summer and right up until a few days before the deadlines for applications. A smaller number of NESCAC recruits are admitted through the early decision (round 2) (ED 2) process, which has slightly later deadlines. Generally speaking, applications for NESCAC recruits will have been informally pre-cleared through the admissions process so admission is  close to guaranteed for those applicants who have committed to a particular school, with the support of the coach. This process is called a “pre-read” and, by agreement among the NESCAC schools, cannot begin until July 1 of the year in which the athlete plans to apply to a NESCAC school. The pre-read is the process by which NESCAC coaches determine how to dole out their “slots” thought the “tipping” system to incoming hockey players (and other athletes).

A substantial majority (perhaps as many as 70% and maybe more) of NESCAC hockey players are admitted through ED 1 and ED 2, with Nov. 1 deadlines for ED 1 applications at Tufts and Middlebury and Nov 15 ED 1 applications deadlines at all other NESCAC hockey schools and Jan. 1 for ED 2 applications. All NESCAC schools have ED 2 except for Amherst and Williams.

Key Dates in NESCAC Admission Process:

Regular decision (RD) admissions decisions released (or to be released) on-line as follows:

March 18: Bowdoin
March 19: Conn College & Middlebury
March 23: Trinity & Williams
March 25: Amherst, Colby, Hamilton (8 pm) & Wesleyan (3 pm)
March 31: Tufts

Regular decision “early writes” started being released (early writes are released on a staggered basis) as follows:

March 7: Bowdoin
March 10: Amherst
March 11: Wesleyan
March 14: Williams

Early decision round two (ED 2) decisions were released on-line as follows:

Feb. 2: Bowdoin
Feb. 6: Middlebury
Feb. 11: Trinity
Feb. 12: Colby, Conn College, Hamilton, Tufts, and Wesleyan

Early decision round one (ED 1) decisions were released on-line as follows:

Dec. 5: Middlebury
Dec. 10: Conn College (mailed) and Williams
Dec. 11: Amherst, Bowdoin, and Wesleyan
Dec. 14: Colby and Tufts
Dec. 15: Hamilton and Trinity


3/28/16 additions: Bennett Morrison (D)-Hamilton via Trail Smoke Eaters (BCHL) (& 2 other BCHL teams) & Kent (Founders)
Avery Gobbo (G)-Conn College via Northfield Mount Hermon & Appleby College (CISAA)
3/26/16 addition: Greg Krisberg (D)-Amherst via Kent (Founders)
3/25/16 additions: Tyler Kobryn (F)-Wesleyan via Delbarton (NJIAA)
Rory Garlasco (F/D)-Conn College via Nepean (CCHL) & Don Bosco Prep (NJIAA)
3/22/16 addition: Danny Tighe (F)-Middlebury via St John Preps (MIAA)
3/21/16 additions: Connor Lloyd (F)-Middlebury via Westminster (Founders)
Trevor Turnbull (F)-Middlebury via Milton (ISL)
3/7/16 addition: Peter Christie (D)-Williams via Exeter (NEPSAC)
3/3/16 addition: Brendan O’Connell (F)-Conn College via Deerfield (Founders)
3/2/16 additions: Dan Driscoll (D)-Conn College via Berkshire (NEPSAC)
Andrew Tucci (G)-Colby via Hawkesbury Hawks (CCHL) & Choate (Founders)
2/29/16 addition: Blayne Oliver (D) via Trenton (OJHL) & Chatham Maroons (GOJHL)
2/21/16 addition: Cooper Stahl (D)-Tufts via Startford Cullitons (GOJHL) & Cranbrook-Kingswood (MHSAA)
2/20/16 addition: Blake McIntyre (F)-Tufts via Charlotte Rush (USPHL (Elite)) & Dallas Jr Stars (Midget Tier I)
2/18/16 additions:  Tyler Wyatt (F)-Wesleyan via Philadelphia Flyers (USPHL) & Team Comcast (Midget Tier I)
Walker Harris (F)-Wesleyan via Connecticut Oilers (EHL), Colorado RoughRiders (WSHL) & Monarch HS (CHSAA)
2/16/16 addition: Jaret Koger (D)-Tufts via Brother Rice HS (MHSAA)
2/14/16 additions: Wilson McCloy (D)-Williams via Loomis Chaffee (Founders) & multiple Midget teams
Giancarlo Ventre (G)-Amherst via Albany Academy (NEPSAC)
2/12/16 additions: Tyler Scroggins (F)-Tufts via Springfield Jr. Pics (USPHL), Williston Northampton (NEPSAC) & Mount St Charles (RIHSH)
Ross DeLaBruere (F)-Tufts via New Hampshire Jr Monarchs (EHL) & North Country HS (VPA)
Cory Gottfried (D)-Tufts via P.A.L. Junior Islanders  (USPHL) & Choate (Founders)
2/10/16 addition: Christian Capello (F)-Bowdoin via Rivers & St Sebastian’s (ISL)
2/3/16 addition: Max Ginsberg (F)-Bowdoin via Roxbury Latin (ISL)
2/2/16 additions: Brenden Russ (D)-Conn College via NY Bobcats (EHL) & Choate (Founders)
Jake Pelton (G)-Williams via New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs (EHL), Topeka Capitals (NA3HL) & Andover (NEPSAC)
1/25/16 addition: Brett Dineen (D)-Middlebury via Tabor (NEPSAC)
1/22/16 addition: Jack McCarthy (F)-Trinity via Junior Bruins (USPHL) & Kimball Union (NEPSAC)
1/21/16 addition: Mitch Allen (F)-Middlebury via Islanders Hockey Club (USPHL) & Kent (Founders)
12/3/15 addition: Barclay Gammill (F)-Trinity via Berkshire (NEPSAC)
1/15/16 addition: Ryan Petti (F)-Conn College via Exeter (NEPSAC) & Tewksbury Memorial HS (MIAA)
1/12/16 additions: Tommy Dunleavy (F)-Bowdoin via Brockville Braves (CCHL) & Brunswick (NEPSAC)
Ronny Lestan (F)-Bowdoin via Roxbury Latin (ISL)
Brian Ketchabaw (G)-Middlebury via Brunswick (NEPSAC)
1/11/16 addition:  Wyatt Glover (F)-Williams via Shady Side (MPH)
1/10/16 addition: Tedy Loughborough (G)-Trinity via South Shore Kings (USPHL) & St Sebastian’s (ISL)
1/7/16 additions: Max Fuld (F/D)-Williams via Brunswick (NEPSAC)
AJ Klein (F/D)-Amherst via Carleton Place (CCHL) & Minnetonka HS (MSHSL)
1/6/16 addition: Sam Jones (D)-Hamilton via Brockville Braves (CCHL) & Nichols (CISAA)
1/4/16 additions: Anthony Farinacci (F)-Tufts via Delbarton (NJISSA)
Mark Leprine (D)-Colby via Connecticut Jr Rangers (USPHL) & NY Apple Core (EHL)
Nick Ursitti (F)-Hamilton via Toronto Patriots (OJHL)
Sterling Bray (F)-Hamilton via Smith Falls (CCHL) &Northwood (indep prep)
Caleb Perez (D)-Bowdoin via Smith Falls (CCHL), Stanstead College (CAHS & MPHL) & Kimball Union (NEPSAC)
12/18/15 additions: Liam Feeney (D)-Trinity via South Shore Kings (USPHL), Austin Bruins (NAHL) & Dexter (NEPSAC)
Machlan Sawden (F)-Tufts via Hartford Jr Wolfpack (EHL)

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