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2014 NESCAC recruits

Here’s the link to our database of 88 incoming players who will start their NESCAC careers in the fall of 2014. The USPHL, the new, more elite eastern junior league that supplanted the EJHL, is the no. 1 source of new NESCAC talent, producing 21 of the 88 recruits. About 52% of the recruits are products of junior hockey — this represents a significant uptick in junior hockey prospects although the gap narrowed with most late commitments coming from the prep ranks. On the prep front, Belmont Hill is leading the way with six NESCAC candidates headed for four different school (5 seniors plus one 2013 grad who played in the USPHL this past year). Conn College, Tufts, and Bowdoin have the largest number of incoming players to date, with Conn College at 14, Tufts at 12, and Bowdoin at 11, but the numbers are solid for all 10 NESCAC hockey schools:  Amherst (7), Bowdoin (11), Colby (9), Conn College (14), Hamilton (7), Middlebury (9), Trinity (6), Tufts (12), Wesleyan (6), and Williams (7).  With Hamilton’s late pick-up of an excellent goalie in Evan Buitenhuis, this class is shaping up as a strong class in terms of goalie prospects.


Seven or so blue chip prospects, after making NESCAC commitments, have been lost to D1, Canadian hockey, D1 club hockey, or junior hockey. Three blue chips recruits were scooped up by D1 schools during the recruiting season, with a couple of the switches to D1 schools coming very late in the process. A fourth blue chip recruit opted to pay college hockey in Canada, with his change of heart coming after the relevant application deadlines for his NESCAC suitor. A fifth recruit has opted to pursue junior hockey (USPHL), with D1 possibilities down the road, and also changed his plans late in the process. Two additional recruits changed their minds late in the summer, with one opting for the BCHL over Middlebury and another opting for club hockey at the University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana over Tufts.

In early December, Bowdoin recruit Henry Hart, an Exeter PG, got an offer from D1 and the defending national champ Yale at the time that he could not resist. Then in  late February, goalie Connor Girard (playing for Brookings in the NAHL) switched his commitment from Williams to Air Force Academy. On March 19, Conor Andrle, also playing for Brookings, changed his commitment from Amherst to Army. On May 16, Middlebury recruit Matt Dupont committed to Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario after an impressive season in junior hockey. A fifth recruit, Andover D-man Michael Kim decided not to enter Wesleyan and is instead pursuing junior hockey (USPHL). A sixth recruit, OJHL (Coburg Cougars) d-man Jake Emilio, has elected not to go to Middlebury and instead is playing in the BCHL (first for the Vernon Vipers and then for the Victoria Grizzlies), a decision which was not finalized until late August when his rights were traded by Coburg to the Vipers. All six  recruits were in the blue-chip category. Their changes in  plans likely left their spurned NESCAC suitors somewhat in the lurch, especially the Andrle, Girard, Dupont, Kim, and Emilio decommitments, which came well after application deadlines. Hart and Andrle were both undersized but high skilled scorers while Dupont blossomed into a great scorer in his second year in juniors. Girard was an outstanding goalie. Emilio was a four-year veteran of the OJHL, who blossomed in what had appeared to be his last year in juniors (he is a 1994 DoB) and did not announce his Middlebury commitment until April. It looks as though Amherst managed to replace Andrle with an equally good player in Thomas Lindstrom (a teammate of Andrle’s at the Breck school in Minnesota) and that Williams managed to find a solid substitute for goalie Girard in Kent’s Stephen Morrissey.


ED 1 admissions decisions are generally released in the Dec. 7 – 15 time frame and ED 2 admissions in the Feb. 3 – 15  time frame. Regular decision notices went out in 2014 in the weeks of March 17 and March 24. As is apparent from our data,  a substantial majority (at least 70% and likely more) of NESCAC hockey players are admitted through ED 1 and ED 2, with Nov. 1 – 15 deadlines for ED 1 applications and Jan.1 for ED 2 applications. All NESCAC schools have ED 2 except for Amherst and Williams.  NESCAC recruits tend to “commit” to the admissions process for ED 1 starting in the summer and right up until a few days before the deadlines for applications. Generally speaking, applications will have been informally pre-cleared through the admissions process so admission is  close to guaranteed for those applicants who have committed to a particular school, with the support of the coach.

Coaches, parents, players, teammates, advisors, etc., please let us know of commitments  by going here to submit names of recruits and supporting information and corrections.


11/13/14 addition: Mason Pulde (G)-Tufts via Middlebury (NESCAC) & Noble & Greenough (ISL)
11/11/14 addition: Matt Crowell (F/D)-Bowdoin via Medfield HS (MIAA)
11/10/14 addition: Joe Birmingham (F)-Conn College via UConn (Atlantic Hockey ((D1), St Louis Bandits (NAHL), & Northfield Mount Hermon (NEPSAC)
11/10/14 deletion: James Ricciardi (F)-Conn College via Kent (Founders)
11/6/14 additions: Nick Flanagan (F)-Tufts via St Sebastian’s (ISL)
Stephen Clarke (F)-Middlebury via Lawrenceville (MAHL)
Sunho Park (D)-Middlebury via Deerfield (Founders)
11/1/14 addition: Cam MacDonald (F)-Colby via Westford Academy (MIAA)
10/8/14 addition: John Cross (F)-Amherst via Holy Cross (Atlantic Hockey (D1)) & Exeter (NEPSAC)
9/18/14 addition: Alex Gonye (F)-Williams via Union (ECAC (D1)) & Deerfield (Founders)
9/8/14 deletion: James McGing (F)-Tufts via Coulee Region (NAHL) & Culver (indep prep) (enrolled at the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; playing D1 club hockey)
8/31/14 deletion: Jay D’Amour (F)-Hamilton via Cornwall Colts (CCHL) & Deerfield (Founders) (playing another year of junior hockey (Cornwall Colts (CCHL))
8/29/14 deletion: Jake Emilio (D)-Middlebury via Cobourg Cougars (OJHL) (playing another year of junior hockey (Vernon Vipers in the BCHL)
7/19/14 deletion: Connor Frazier (D)-Wesleyan via Valley Jr Warriors (EHL) (playing another year of junior hockey (South Shore Kings of the USPHL)
6/28/14 deletion: Michael Kim (D)-Wesleyan via Andover (NEPSAC) (playing junior hockey (Junior Bruins in the USPHL))
6/11/14 addition: Oliver Takacsi-Nagy (F)-Tufts via Springfield Jr Blues (NAHL)
5/29/14 addition: Dave Italiano (F)-Williams via St Michael’s Buzzers (OJHL)
5/27/14 addition: Evan Buitenhuis (G)-Hamilton via Toronto Lakeshore Patriots (OJHL)
5/17/14 deletion: Matt Dupont (F)-Middlebury via Ottawa Jr Senators (CCHL) & Williston (NEPSAC) (changed commitment to Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario)
5/16/14 addition: Erik Rost (D)-Conn College via Westminster (Founders)
5/15/14 additions: Ross Bendetson (G)-Tufts via Valley Jr Warriors (EHL) & Andover (NEPSAC)
Nicolas Pilote (F)-Conn College via Northwood (indep prep)
Thomas Lindstrom (F)-Amherst via Minnesota Wilderness (NAHL) & Breck (MSHSL)
5/10/14 addition: Patrick Mooney (D)-Amherst via Mississauga Chargers (OJHL)
5/10/14 deletion: Chad Malinowski (D)-Amherst via Milton (ISL) (playing for the Nepean Raiders in the CCHL)
4/21/14 addition: Mario Benicky (F)-Colby via Westminster
4/18/14 additions: David Barmish (D)-Hamilton via Choate (Founders)
Brandon Willett (F)-Hamilton via Toronto Lakeshore Patriots (OJHL)
4/9/14 addition: Tyler Bruneteau (F)-Hamilton via Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees (NAHL)
4/4/14 addition: Jake Emilio (D)-Middlebury via Cobourg Cougars (OJHL)
4/3/14 addition: Anthony Sabitsky (F)-Trinity via Nanaimo Clippers (BCHL) & Milton (ISL)
3/31/14 additions: Scott Majkowski (F)-Tufts via Milton (ISL)
Bobby Mullins (F)-Conn College via BB&N (ISL)
Connor Frazier (D)-Wesleyan via Valley Jr Warriors (EHL) & Reading Memorial HS (MIAA)
Tyler Granara (D)-Amherst via Belmont Hill (ISL)
3/28/14 addition: Brian Smith (F)-Wesleyan via Tabor (NEPSAC)
3/27/14 additions: CJ Shugart (F)-Williams via St Michaels Buzzers (OJHL)
Tim Nowacki (G)-Hamilton via Williston-Northampton (NEPSAC)
Peter Bensen (F)-Bowdoin via Andover (NEPSAC)
Steve Morrissey (G)-Williams via Kent (Founders)
3/26/14 additions: John-John (JJ) Ganss (F)-Tufts via New York Apple Core (EHL) & Taft (Founders)
Jason Nawrocki (F)-Bowdoin via Junior Bruins (USPHL) & Andover (NEPSAC)
3/22/14 addition: Matt Lison (F)-Bowdoin via Lone Star Brahmas (NAHL) & Bay State Breakers (EJHL)
3/20/14 deletion: Conor Andrle (F)-Amherst via Brookings (NAHL) & Breck (MinnHS) (changed his commitment from Amherst to Army)
3/12/14 addition: Cam McCusker (F)-Wesleyan via St. Paul’s (ISL)
3/3/14 addition: Stephen Klein (G)-Middlebury via Bonnyville Pontiacs (AJHL) & Nipawin Hawks (SJHL)
2/27/14 deletion: Connor Girard (G)-Williams via Brookings (NAHL) (changed his commitment from Williams to Air Force Academy (Atlantic Hockey, D1)
2/26/14 additions: Zach MacQueen (D)-Tufts via Portland Jr Pirates (USPHL) & Shattuck-St. Mary’s
Matt Gaetz (F)-Conn College via Walpole Express (EHL) & The Hill Academy (indep prep (CAN))
2/25/14 additions: Conor Andrle (F)-Amherst via Brookings (NAHL) & Breck (MinnHS)
James McGing (F)-Tufts via Coulee Region (NAHL) & Culver (indep prep)
2/24/14 addition: Jay D’Amour (F)-Hamilton via Cornwall Colts (CCHL) & Deerfield (Founders)
2/21/14 addition: Connor Hegarty (D)-Trinity via BB&N (ISL 2/20/14 addition: Mike Menter (D)-Trinity via Middlesex (ISL)
2/19/14 additions: Nick Buly (F)-Conn College via New England Wolves (AEHL) & St Mark’s (ISL)
Michael Rudolf (F)-Colby via South Kent Selects (USPHL) & Zug (elite Swiss juniors (U20))
2/16/14 additions: Cory Swift (F)-Conn College via Loomis Chaffee (Founders)
Griffin Fadden (F)-Colby via NE Wolves (AEHL) & Tabor (NEPSAC)
2/15/14 additions: Travis Stephens (F)-Middlebury via Victoria Grizzlies (BCHL) & multiple other BCHL teams
Mark McLellan (F)-Middlebury via Vistoria Grizzlies (BCHL)
2/14/14 additions: Alex Morin (G)-Trinity-Islanders Hockey Club (USPHL) & Northwood (indep prep)
Phil Klitirinos (F)-Colby via Kent (Founders)
2/13/14 additions: James Ricciardi (F)-Conn College via Kent (Founders)
Trevor Davis (D)-Tufts via Boston College HS (MIAA)
Johnny Kompson (F)-Conn College via Nichols & Ridley (CISAA)
2/12/14 additions: Joseph Menniti (D)-Conn College via Connecticut Yankees (USPHL), Cornwall Colts (CCHL) & Millbrook (NEPSAC)
Chad Goldberg (F)-Tufts via Connecticut Yankees (USPHL), NY Apple Core (EJHL) & Salisbury (NEPSAC)
2/11/14 addition: Matt Dupont (F)-Middlebury via Ottawa Jr. Senators (CCHL), Powell River Kings (BCHL) & Williston Northampton (NEPSAC)
2/10/14 addition: Brian Brown (F)-Tufts via Springfield Pics (USPHL) & Berkshire (NEPSAC)
2/7/14 addition: Tim Cooney (G)-Conn College via Washington Jr. National (EHL) & Exeter (NEPSAC)
2/6/14 addition: Emerson Verrier (G)-Colby via Niagara Falls Canucks (GOJHL) & Trenton Golden Hawks (OJHL)
1/31/14 addition: Chris Jellison (F)-Conn College via Junior Bruins (USPHL) & Middlesex (ISL)
1/25/14 additions: Camil Blanchet (F/D)-Bowdoin via Deerfield (Founders)
Michael Kim (D)-Wesleyan via Andover (NEPSAC)
Spencer Antunez (F)-Bowdoin via Springfield Pics (USPHL) & Gilmour (MPHL)
1/20/14 additions: Tyler Whitney (F)-Trinity via South Shore Kings (USPHL) & Lawrence (ISL)
TJ Daigler (F)-Hamilton via Westminster (Founders)
1/7/14 addition: David White (F)-Amherst via Exeter (NEPSAC) & Fairfield Prep (CIAC)
1/6/14 addition: Jordan Jancze (F)-Wesleyan via Wichita Falls Wildcats (NAHL) & Deerfield (Founders)
1/3/14 additions: Martin Rubin (D)-Wesleyan via Connecticut Yankees (USPHL) & Gunnery (NEPSAC)
Braeden Quast (F)-Middlebury via Connecticut Yankees (USPHL)
12/23/13 addition: Connor Girard (G)-Williams via Brookings (NAHL), Sioux City and Dubuque (USHL), and Edina HS (MinnHS)
12/22/13 addition: Zach Weier (D)-Middlebury via St. Thomas Academy (MinnHS)
12/14/13 addition: Michael Decker (D)-Colby via Canterbury (NEPSAC)
12/12/13 additions: Danny McMullan (D)-Bowdoin via Connecticut Oilers (EHL)
Dylan Holze (F)-Wesleyan via Salisbury (Founders)
12/10/13 addition: David Belluche (D)-Middlebury via Andover (NEPSAC)


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  1. Could you please open up the Google Doc to be available to anyone? Thanks.

  2. It looks like Jordan Jancze has been traded to the New Jersey Renagades in the Metropolitan Junior Hockey League.


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