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2013 NESCAC recruits

Our database of NESCAC recruits for 2013-14 consists of 77 names.

11/14/13 deletions: Ryan Doppelheuer (F)-Trinity via Hotchkiss (Founders)
Bobby McElligott (G)-Trinity via Pembroke HS (MIAA)
Al Nejmeh (F)-Trinity via Taft (Founders)
Nate Wark (F))-Trinity via St Paul’s (ISL)
Jordan Abrams (F)-Trinity via BB&N (ISL)
Edward (EJ) Culhane (D)-Trinity via Loomis Chaffee (Founders)
11/13/13 deletion: Alex Calabro (F)-Conn College via St Sebastian’s (ISL)
11/12/13 deletions: Ross Bendetson (G)-Tufts via Andover (NEPSAC) (playing for the Valley Jr Warriors in the EHL)
Daniel Camilletti (D)-Tufts via Hotchkiss (Founders)
11/12/13 additions: Nick Miceli (G)-Wesleyan via Loomis Chaffee (Founders)
Danny Weiss (G)-Wesleyan via Wichita Jr Thunder (WSHL)
Quincy Oujevolk (F)-Wesleyan via Kent (Founders)
Wyatt Rees (F)-Wesleyan via Valencia Jr. Flyers (Midget Tier II)
11/12/13 deletions: Ben and Sam Hicks (F/D)-Wesleyan via Philadelphia Revolution (EJHL)
11/5/13 addition: Austin Essery (G)-Conn College via Canterbury (NEPSAC)
10/20/13 deletions: Max King (D) and John Cunningham (D)-Conn College (playing club hockey for Conn College)
9/24/13 deletion: Connor Meike (D)-Middlebury (playing for the Philadelphia Flyers (USPHL))
8/7/13 addition: Mike Van Siclen (F)-Colby via Boston Bandits (EJHL)
7/24/13 addition: Will Sleeper (F)-Trinity via Noble & Greenough (ISL)
7/18/13 addition: Jeff Celniker (F)-Conn College via Canterbury (NEPSAC)
7/13/13 additions: Ben and Sam Hicks (F/D)-Wesleyan via Philadelphia Revolution (EJHL)
Corey Wisnowski (D)-Conn College via New Hampshire Monarchs (EJHL) & Berkshire (NEPSAC)
6/1/13 addition: Bobby McElligott (G)-Trinity via Pembroke HS (MIAA)
5/29/13 additions: Cameron Romoff (D)-Middlebury via Smith Falls Bears (CCHL) and Gunnery (NEPSAC)
Joe Giordano (F)-Conn College via Bismarck (NAHL) and Springfield Pics (EJHL)
5/24/13 addition: Liam McKillop (F)-Trinity via St Anselm (ECAC East (D2/3))
5/10/13 addition: Nate Wark (F))-Trinity via St Paul’s (ISL)
5/5/13 addition: Matt Pugh (F)-Tufts via Salisbury (Founders) and BB&N (ISL)
5/1/13 addition: Brian Belisle (F)-Conn College via Mount St. Charles (RIHS)
4/30/13 additions: Al Nejmeh (F)-Trinity via Taft (Founders)
Ryan Doppelheuer (F)-Trinity via Hotchkiss (Founders)
4/25/13: Austin Ho (D)-Amherst via Springfield Jr Blues (NAHL)
4/23/13 addition: Bennett Hambrook (D)-Hamilton via Trail Smoke Eaters (BCHL)
4/20/13 additions: Alex Walsh (D)-Colby via Middlebury (NESCAC)
Sean Kavanagh (F/D)-Tufts via Springfield Pics (EJHL) and Andover (NEPSAC)
4/18/13 addition: Ryan Kellenberger (G)-Tufts via Springfield Jr Blues (NAHL)
4/15/13 addition: Jordan Abrams (F)-Trinity via BB&N (ISL)
4/13/13 addition: Cole Morrissette (F/D)-Wesleyan via Milton (ISL)
4/8/13 additions: Daniel Camilletti (D)-Tufts via Hotchkiss (Founders)
Greg Liautaud (D)-Conn College via Canterbury (NEPSAC)
4/4/13 additions: Ryan Mowery (F)-Conn College via Wesminster (Founders)
Edward (EJ) Culhane (D)-Trinity via Loomis Chaffee (Founders)
Alex Calabro (F)-Conn College via St Sebastian’s (ISL)
3/29/13 addition: Robby Harbison (D)-Wesleyan via Taft (Founders)
3/28/13 addition: Sean Orlando (F)-Trinity via Westminster (Founders)
3/24/13 addition: Alex Hagerty (F)-Williams via Delbarton (NJ Prep)
3/14/13 addition: Chris Roll (F)-Amherst via Brockville Braves (CCHL)
3/8/13 addition: Kevin Doherty (F)-Colby via Bridgton Academy (indep prep)
3/7/13 addition: TJ Sherman (D)-Trinity via Amarillo Bulls (NAHL)
3/6/13 additions: Jay Kourkoulis (D)-Bowdoin via Brockville Braves (CCHL) and Pomfret (NEPSAC)
Max Summermatter (F/D)-Bowdoin via HC Lugano (Swiss jr hockey) and Exeter (NEPSAC)
3/3/13 addition: James Kline (F)-Wesleyan via Bay State Breakers (EJHL) and Michigan Warriors (NAHL)
3/1/13 addition: Ross Bendetson (G)-Tufts via Andover (NEPSAC)
2/28/13 additions: Bradley Smelstor (D)-Hamilton via Portland Jr Pirates (EJHL) and St Paul’s (ISL)
Seamus O’Neill (F)-Hamilton via Andover (NEPSAC)
2/27/13 addition: Greg Zaffino (D)-Williams via St. Paul’s (ISL)
2/17/13 addition: Drew Michals (G)-Middlebury via Lawrence (ISL)
2/14/13 additions: Scott Fenwick (F)-Colby via Northwood (indep prep)
Sam Hudziak (D)-Colby via St. Paul’s (ISL)
2/13/13 addition: Mark Schiller (G)-Bowdoin via Taft (Founders)
2/10/13 addition: Pat Lackey (F)-Tufts via Exeter (NEPSAC) and Pingry (NJHS)
2/8/13 addition: Frankie Mork (D)-Williams via Holy Angels Academy (Minn PS (2A))
2/6/13 addition: Devin Albert (F)-Colby via Junior Bruins (EJHL) and Belmont Hill (ISL)
1/30/13 additions: Kai Frankville (D)-Colby via Gunnery (NEPSAC)
Max King (D)-Conn College via Pomfret (NEPSAC)
Dawson Sprigings (G)-Wesleyan via Gunnery (NEPSAC)
1/17/13 addition: Connor Meike (D)-Middlebury via Landon (Mid-Atlantic Prep Hockey) & Washington Little Capitals (Midget Tier I)
1/9/13 addition: Zak Kokosa (F)-Bowdoin via Springfield Pics (EJHL)
1/6/13 addition: Tyler Young (F)-Williams via NY Apple Core (EJHL)
1/4/13 additions: Brandon Cole (F)-Trinity via Kimball Union Academy (NEPSAC)
Ryan Cole (F)-Trinity via Amarillo Bulls (NAHL)
1/2/13 additions: Kendall Culbertson (F)-Bowdoin via New England Wolves (indep junior hockey)
Sam Gray (F)-Williams via Whitby Fury (OJHL)
1/1/13 addition: Ben Csiernik (G)-Colby via Northfield Mount Hermon (NEPSAC)
12/30/12 additions: Brandon Willett (F)-Colby via Toronto Lakeshore Patriots (OJHL)
Mike Leary (F)-Tufts via Belmont Hill (ISL)
12/28/12 addition: Conal Lynch (F)-Tufts via Andover (NEPSAC)
12/23/12 additions: John Cunningham (D)-Conn College via Pomfret (NEPSAC)
Adam Ellison (G)-Amherst via Deerfield (Founders)
Nicholas Malone (D)-Wesleyan via South Kent Selects Academy (Midget Tier I)
12/21/12 additions: Xavier Morin (D)-Hamilton via Westminster (Founders)
Jon Carkeek (D)-Hamilton via Springfield (NAHL)
Charlie Fennell (G)-Hamilton via Kent (Founders)
Conor Lamberti (D)-Hamilton via CT Oilers (EJHL) and Choate (Founders)
12/19/12 additions: Ethan Holdaway (F)-Trinity via Westminster (Founders)
Ethan Vorel (F)-Wesleyan via Milton (ISL)


13 Responses

  1. Is the Google Spreadsheet available for update?

  2. Cape Cod Whalers (Midget Tier I) (fall of 2012): 11GP: 1-2-3 goes with Middlebury recruit Neary please update spreadsheet. Thanks

  3. Here’s some more info on Wes. recruit Sprigings: http://www.nhl.com/ice/page.htm?id=76671

  4. Wesleyan picks up defenseman Robby Harbison from Taft (New England Prep) 5’10” 190 lbs.

  5. More data on Alex Walsh, Colby. 2009-2010 Delbarton (NJ HS) 1 g, 18 a, 28 gp; 2010-2011 Nacka HK (Swedish J20 Elit) 3g, 5 a, 44 PIM, 26 GP; 2011-2012 Middlebury (NESCAC) 2 g, 0 a, 8 PIM, 24 GP

  6. Why did Alex Walsh leave Middlebury again??

    • Alex did not issue a press release announcing or explaining his decision, and nor should we expect him to do so . .

  7. Connor Meike is playing in the USPHL league this year. Saw him on a roster over the weekend.

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