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2012 NESCAC recruits

Here’s the link to a final list for the 85 new NESCAC players for 2012-13

11/15/12 additions: Connor Doyle (F)-Conn College via Avon Old Farms (Founders)
JR LaPointe (F)-Conn College via Cushing (NEPSAC)
Dan Meiselman (F)-Conn College via Penn State (ACHA (D1 club)
11/15/12 deletions: Dan Csaplar (D)-Colby via Belmont Hill (ISL)
Soren Hanson (D)-Colby via Belmont Hill (ISL)
Connor Bilby (F)-Tufts via Delbarton (NJ Prep)
Nate Bubacy (D)-Trinity via Salisbury (NEPSAC)
11/10/12 deletion: Sean Sanford (F)-Colby (enrolled at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute and is playing club hockey)
9/28/12 addition: Brian Ouellette (D)-Tufts via Tabor (NEPSAC)
9/1/12 additions: Nate Bubacy (D)-Conn College via Salisbury (NEPSAC)
Kevin Perron (D)-Bowdoin via Northwood
8/27/12 addition: Dylan Shamburger (F)-Bowdoin via Avon Old Farmers (Founders)
8/16/12 addition: Dan Csaplar (D)-Colby via Belmont Hill (ISL)
8/9/12 additions: Jacob (Jake) Charles (F)-Middlebury via Cowichan Valley Capitals (BCHL)
Liam Moorfield-Yee (G)-Middlebury via Cushing (NEPSAC)
Evan Neugold (D)-Middlebury via Westminster (Founders)
Zach Haggerty (D)-Middlebury via Stowe HS (Vermont public high school)
7/15/12 addition: Max Greenwald (F/D)-Middlebury via Landon (Mid-Atlantic Prep School League)
7/6/12 deletion: Hugo Oftedal (G)-Middlebury via Northern Cyclones (AtJHL) (plans to play in his native Sweden in 2012-13)
6/17/12 addition: Scott Woods (F/D)-Conn College via Ne England Wolves (indep juniors)
6/3/12 addition: Evan O’Brien (D)-Colby via Albany Academy (NEPSAC)
6/1/12 addition: Greg Johnson (D)-Williams via St. Louis Bandits (NAHL)
5/23/12 addition: Elie Vered (F)-Trinity via Kimball Union (NEPSAC)
5/19/12 addition: Tim DiPretoro (F)-Conn College via Northfield Mount Hermon (NEPSAC)
5/18/12 additions: Robby Kirk (F)-Hamilton via Hotchkiss (Founders)
Taylor Carmola (D)-Williams via Nanaimo (BCHL) & Berkshire (NEPSAC)
5/12/12 addition: Ford Traff (F)-Trinity via Hotchkiss (Founders) & Blake (Minn HS)
5/10/12 addition: Soren Hanson (D)-Colby via Belmont Hill (ISL)
5/1/12 addition: Sebastien Meltzer (F)-Conn College via Hawkesbury Hawks (CJHL)
4/30/12 additions: PJ Falvey (D)-Middlebury via Noble & Greenough (ISL)
Johnny Malusa (D)-Bowdoin via Lake Forest Academy (Midwest Prep League)
4/27/12 addition: JD Cescon (D)-Trinity via Andover (NEPSAC)
4/21/12 addition: Jonathan Sdao (F)-Colby via New England Huskies (EJHL)
4/12/12 addition: Nate Heilbron (G)-Trinity via Lawrence (ISL)
4/10/12 addition: Rob Gardiner (F)-Hamilton via Hotchkiss (Founders)
4/9/12 addition: Jay Matthews (F)-Wesleyan via Thayer (ISL)
4/7/12 addition: Tyler Lingel (F)-Colby via Proctor (NEPSAC)
4/2/12 addition: Max Fenkell (G) via Alberni Valley Bulldogs (BCHL) & Colgate (ECAC-D1)
3/24/12 addition: Mike DeBello (F)-Colby via Brockville Braves (CJHL)
3/22/12 additions: Gabriel Renaud (D)-Bowdoin via Tabor (NEPSAC)
Alex Carlacci (F)-Wesleyan via Exeter (NEPSAC)
3/16/12 additions: Gordon Donnelly (G)-Conn College via St Sebastian’s (ISL)
Matt Silcoff (F)-Middlebury via Vaughan Vipers (OJHL)
Jimmy Burt (F)-Trinity via Trinity-Pawling (NEPSAC)
Sean Sanford (C/D)-Colby via Jersey Hitmen (EJHL)
3/8/12 additions: Topher Flanagan (F)-Amherst via Lloydminster Bobcats (AJHL)
Nolan Daley (G)-Wesleyan via Exeter (NEPSAC)
Patrick Arena (F)-Amherst via Taft (Founders)
Brendan Burke (F)-Amherst via St. Sebastian’s (ISL)
Conor Brown (F)-Amherst via Ottawa Jr Senators (CJHL)
Kevin Ryder (D)-Amherst via Ottawa Jr Senators (CJHL)
3/2/12 additions: Benjamin Hjalmarsson (F/D)-Trinity via Gunnery (NEPSAC)
Jaren Taenaka (F)-Wesleyan via Gunnery (NEPSAC)
2/29/12 addition: Joseph Horak (F)-Trinity via Boston Bandits (EJHL)
2/27/12 addition: Scott Vasquez (D)-Hamilton via Boston Bandits (EJHL)
2/26/12 additions: Kenny Matheson (F)-Hamilton via Brockville Braves (CJHL)
James Randaccio (F)-Tufts via NH Monarchs (EJHL)
Derek Metcalfe (G)-Tufts via Junior Bruins (EJHL)
Blake Cormier (D)-Bowdoin via Middlesex (ISL-Eberhart)
2/22/12 addition: Brian Ferrell (F)-Hamilton via Berkshire (NEPSAC)
2/21/12 additions: Terence Durkin (F)-Wesleyan via Northwood (indep prep)
Chris Fenwick (F)-Bowdoin via Northwood (indep prep)
2/17/12 addition: Connor Frick (D)-Middlebury via Jersey Hitmen (EJHL)
2/15/12 additions: Noal Klag (G)-Williams via Valley Jr (EJHL)
Hugo Oftedal (G)-Middlebury via Northern Cyclones (AtJHL)
2/13/12 additions: Aidan Hartigan (D)-Tufts via BB&N (ISL)
Luke Griffin (F)-Tufts via BB&N (ISL)
2/10/12 additions: Louis Xavier Reed (D)-Amherst via Boston Bandits (EJHL)
Brett Curran (D)-Conn College (D) via Taft (Founders)
2/8/12 additions: Eric Casey (D)-Wesleyan via Philadelphia Revolution (EJHL)
Keith Campbell (F)-Tufts via Philadelphia Revolution (EJHL)
1/30/12 addition: Evan Katz (F)-Trinity via Long Island Wolfpack (IJHL)
1/18/12 additions: Dominic Granato (F)-Tufts via Kenai River (NAHL)
Stewart Bell (F)-Tufts via Springfield Jr Blues (NAHL)
Michael Hawkrigg (F)-Trinity via Boston Bandits (EJHL)
1/13/12 addition: Ron Fishman (D)-Middlebury via Apple Core (EJHL)
1/7/12: Tom Conlin (G)-Conn College via NE Huskies (EJHL)
1/4/12 additions: Nick Vassos (F)-Hamilton via Bowdoin (NESCAC (transfer))
David Loughborough (F)-Middlebury via St Sebastian’s (ISL)
1/3/12 additions: Casey Fratkin (D)-Wesleyan via Elmira (ECAC West (D3) (transfer))
Dom Jancaterino (F)-Hamilton via Sacred Heart (Atlantic Hockey (D1) (transfer))
Michael Erickson (F)-Williams via Amarillo Bulls (NAHL)
Matt Rubinoff (F)-Bowdoin via Exeter (NEPSAC)
Terrance Goguen (D)-Middlebury via Belmont Hill (ISL)
Matt Werner (F)-Williams via Boston Bandits (EJHL)
Stephan Brennan (F)-Conn College via Belmont Hill (ISL)
Conor Helfrich (F)-Tufts via Lawrence (ISL)
Brendan McGovern (F)-Middlebury via Berkshire (NEPSAC)
Bradley Prevel-Hamilton via Proctor (NEPSAC)
12/18/11 addition: Riley Dickie (F)-Middlebury via Northfield Mount Hermon (NEPSAC)
12/17/11 additions: Penn Sednaoui (F)-Conn College via Millbrook (NEPSAC)
Theo Hannah (D)-Amherst via Carleton Place Canadians (OJHL)
12/14/11 addition: Dave Cunningham (G)-Amherst via Belmont Hill (ISL)
12/11/11 additions: Connor Bilby (F)-Tufts via Delbarton (NJ Prep)
Marko Brelih (D)-Hamilton via Stouffville Spirit (OJHL)


10 Responses

  1. Looks like the Google Spreadsheet is not available to all.

  2. As always, great site. Here’s a link for an Amherst commitment:

    Looks like a good one.

  3. Watching Williams Trinity game in first period, 2 1 Trinity so far. My feed just went down on the game via internet. Brewer and Lombardi scored for Trinity.

  4. 1 new recruit for Williams and 3 for Hamilton from the EJHL


    • Those EJHL names are already the list — there are actually 7 EJHL names so far (2 for Williams, 1 for Middlebury, 1 for Conn College, and 3 for Hamilton)

  5. First (listed) recruit for fall ’13: http://collegecommitments.com/

  6. Knelman (Middlebury) decision issued in late Sept. MIddlebury prevails on most claims.

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