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2011 NESCAC recruits

Here is a link to a detailed list of of these and other incoming NESCAC players for 2011-12. Our final list contains about 85 names and is dominated by prep names.


11/17/11 additions: Zach Shapiro (D)-Conn College via South Shore Kings (EJHL) & Toronto Jr. A Canadians (OJHL)
Marc Roper (D)-Conn College via Summerside & Dieppe (MJAHL) & Notre Dame (SJHL)
11/11/11 deletion: Patrick Doherty (D)-Middlebury via Kimball Union (NEPSA)
11/10/11 addition: Conor Coveney (F)-Trinity via Andover (NEPSAC)
11/10/11 deletions: Sean Okita (F)-Trinity via Milton Academy (ISL)
Stuart MacKenzie (D)-Trinity via Westminster (Founders)
RJ Ugolik (D)-Trinity via Hamden (CT) HS (CHSCA)
Samuel Post (F)-Trinity via Tabor (NEPSAC)
11/8/11 deletion: Eric Pye (G)-Hamilton via Lindsay Muskies (OJHL)
11/7/11 addition: Salvatore Revetta (D)-Priory H.S. (MoHS)
9/7/11 addition: Blake Edwards (D)-Tufts via St. Louis Bandits (NAHL)
Tyler Voight (F)-Tufts via Fairbanks (NAHL)
9/5/11 deletion: Austin Sevalrud (D)-Williams (playing another year of juniors with Spruce Grove in the AJHL)
9/4/11 addition: Derek Pimentel (F)-Middlebury via Holderness (NEPSAC)
9/3/11 addition: Nate Morgan (F)-Colby via Exeter (NEPSAC)
8/27/11 addition: Robert McCormick (F)-Colby via Tilton (NEPSAC)
8/21/11 addition: Patrick Sen (F)-Hamilton via NE Huskies (EJHL)
8/5/11 addition: Connor Ryan (F)-Wesleyan via Minnetonka HS (MSHSL (Class A))
7/24/11 additions: Stuart MacKenzie (D)-Trinity via Westminster (Founders)
RJ Ugolik (D)-Trinity via Hamden (CT) HS (CHSCA)
Tim Shea (F)-Trinity via Deerfield (Founders) & Tabor (NEPSAC)
Samuel Post (F)-Trinity via Tabor (NEPSAC)
7/19/11 additions: Andrew (Drew) Tallett (D)-Trinity via Governor’s Academy (ISL)
Michael Rowbotham (F)-Amherst via Cornwall (CJHL)
Tom McKeown (F)-Hamilton via Westminster (Founders)
7/6/11 addition: Nick Anderson (F)-Amherst via Hamilton (NESCAC)
7/5/11 addition: Zach Jones (F)-Conn College via Wellington Dukes (OJHL)
6/22/11 addition: Connor Miyamoto (F)-Hamilton via Groton (ISL (Eberhart))
6/15/11 additions: Dylan Niehoff (D)-Wesleyan via NJ Rockets (AtJHL) & Chicago & Janesville (NAHL)
Jonathan La Rose (G)-Amherst via Neumann University and Amherst (re-transferring back to Amherst)
6/10/11 addition: Pat Doherty (D)-Middlebury via Kimball Union (NEPSAC)
5/30/11 addition: Zach Arnold (G)-Hamilton via Middlesex (ISL-Eberhard)
5/22/11 addition: Logan Miller (F)-Middlebury via Nacka HK (Swedish junior league)
5/10/11 addition: Donald Chute (F)-Bowdon via Blake (MSHSL (Class A))
5/8/11 additions: Dan Merenich (F)-Amherst via Milton (ISL)
John Meehan (F)-Wesleyan via St. Paul’s (ISL)
Shawn Power (D)-Tufts via South Kent (NEPSAC)
5/5/11 addition: Joseph Rausch (F)-Hamilton via Choate (Founders)
5/4/11 additions: Alec Root (D)-Bowdoin via Taft (Founders)
Sean Okita (F)-Trinity via Milton (ISL)
Kyle Garvin (F)-Trinity via Canterbury (NEPSAC)
Ryan Collier (D)-Bowdoin via Brockville Braves (CJHL)
Danny Palumbo (F)-Bowdoin via Pomfret (NEPSAC)
5/2/11 additions: Eric Yoon (G)-Bowdoin via Andover (NEPSAC)
4/26/11 addition: George Ordway-Middlebury via Blake (MSHSL (Class A))
4/22/11 addition: Kevin Green (G)-Trinity via Dexter and Southfield (NEPSAC)
4/20/11 deletion: Dan Divis (D)-Williams (playing for the Springfiled Pics in the EJHL)
4/17/11 additions: Andrew White (D)-Tufts via Boston College HS (MIAA)
Michael Cashman (F)-Amherst via Boston College HS (MIAA)
4/16/11 additions: Blake Allessandroni (D)-Conn College via Deerfield (Founders)
Steven Victor (F)-Conn College via Deerfield (Founders)
4/15/11 update: additional info for Brendon Bourgea (F)-Colby via St. Paul’s (ISL)
4/12/11 addition: Pat Curtis (F)-Hamilton via Dexter and Southfield (NEPSAC)
4/8/11: Austin Sevalrud (D)-Williams via Calgary Mustangs (AJHL)
David Jarrett (D)-Williams via Taft (Founders)
4/7/11 additions: JC Cangelosi (F)-Conn College via Northfield Mount Hermon (NEPSAC)
Andrew Fenwick (F)-Amherst via Green Mountain Glades (EJHL)
Danny Vitale (G)-Amherst via Brewster Bulldogs (Empire JHL)
4/3/11 addition: Dan Fullam (G)-Middlebury via Randolph HS (NJSIAA)
4/2/11 additions: Nils Martin (C)-Colby via Groton (ISL-Eberhart)
Eric Naclerio (D)-Conn College via Avon Old Farms (Founders)
4/1/11 addition: Paul Burns (D)-Trinity via Cushing (NEPSAC)
3/27/11 additions: Brian McNamara (D)-Williams via Choate (Founders)
Adam Patel (F/D)-Conn College via Choate (Founders)
3/24/11 addition: Peter Vonu (F)-Conn College via Portland Junior Pirates (AtJHL)
3/20/11 addition: Aaron Deutsch (D)-Amherst via Milton (ISL)
3/18/11 additions: Mike Flynn (D)-Trinity via Avon Old Farms (Founders)
Sam Calahan (G)-Trinity via Boston Bulldogs (AtJHL)
3/15/11 addition: Mike Martinez (F)-Conn College via Kent (NEPSAC)
3/10/11 addition: George Pantazopoulos (F)-Tufts via Milton (ISL)
3/9/11 additions: Sam Kane (F)-Trinity via Cushing (NEPSAC)
Dan Divis (D)-Williams via Gunnery (NEPSAC)
3/8/11 addition: Eric Pye (G)-Hamilton via Lindsay Muskies (OJHL)


4 Responses

  1. Found a NESCAC Hockey blog last night that I never knew existed. Little things make my day theses days!

  2. If this link is accurate, here’s a canadian for Amherst: Michael Rowbothom – Cornwall (CJHL):

    I believe he was Kempville’s captain the past two seasons before moving to Cornwall at the deadline.

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