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2010 NESCAC recruits

Here’s a link to a list of NESCAC recruits for 2010-11.


11/17/10: Calvanico-Conn College via Cushing (NEPSAC)
11/17/10: Pappas-Tufts via Philadelphia/Springfield (EJHL)
11/17/10: Smith-Wesleyan via St. Mark’s (ISL-Eberhart)
Brandstetter-Wesleyan via Lake Forest Academy (MPHL)
Collins-Wesleyan via Taft (Founders)
11/17/10: Mitropoulos-Tufts via Exeter (NEPSAC)
Jenkins-Tufts via Exeter (NEPSAC)
11/17/10 deletion: Hanley (Bowdoin)
11/17/10 deletion: Eberth (Trinity)
11/17/10 deletion: Fenwick (Amherst) (playing for Green Mountain Glades in the EJHL)
11/16/10: Wetzel-Bowdoin via Deerfield (NEPSAC)
11/16/10 deletions: Sisler, Herr, & Messerly (Hamilton)
9/10/10: Bertin-Bowdoin via Deerfield (NEPSAC)
8/17: Wiggins-Middlebury via Noble & Greenough (ISL)
8/14: Gray-Trinity via Phillips Andover (NEPSAC)
8/4: Morrison-Hamilton via Upper Canada College
8/2: Schneider-Hamilton via NH Monarchs (EJHL) & Motor City Machine (NAHL)
7/31 deletion: Gellatly (Conn Coll) (playing for St. Louis Bandits in the NAHL)
7/28: Xu-Williams via Hayward HS (WI HS))
7/25 deletions: Miller and Walsh (Middlebury)
7/21: Finch-Amherst via St. Paul’s (ISL)
7/11/10: Lockwood-Bowdoin via Berkshire (NEPSAC)
7/10/10: Matheson-Bowdoin via Lake Forest Academy (MPHL)
7/8/10: Kelly-Conn Coll via Williston Northampton (NEPSAC)
7/6/10: Anderson-Hamilton via Cowichan Valley (BCHL)
7/5/10: Walsh-Middlebury via Delbarton (NJ Prep)
Kinney-Williams via Glen Rock HS (NJ HS)
7/3/10: Safstrom-Amherst via Andover (NEPSAC)
6/23/10: McGhee-Williams via Canmore (AJHL)
6/9/10: Doyle-Williams via Deerfield (NEPSAC)
Dayton-Williams via Deerfield (NEPSAC)
McCadden-Conn College via Williston Northampton (NEPSAC)
Berninger-Hamilton via Nichols (independent prep, NY)
5/31/10: N Tierney-Trinity via Belmont Hill (ISL)
5/25/10: Donnelly-Williams via Williams Lake Timberwolves (BCHL)
5/21/10: Vermette-Middlebury via Vermont Academy (Lakes Region)
5/18/10: Courcelles-Colby via St. Paul’s (ISL)
Cosgrove-Colby via Exeter (NEPSAC)
Lanza-Colby via Westminster (Founders)
Gelnaw-Colby via Delbarton (NJ Prep)
Harff-Colby via Brown (ECAC-D1) & St. Paul’s (ISL)
Kaminski-Bowdoin via Delbarton (NJ Prep)
5/16/10: Fadden-Tufts via Belmont Hill (ISL)
5/14/10 deletion: Murray-Williams (will attend University of Saskatchewan)
5/12/10: Eberth-Trinity via Rivers (ISL-Eberhart)
5/8/10: Williams-Hamilton via Notre Dame (SJHL)
5/4/10: Trepp-Colby via Brunswick School (Conn)
Improta-Wesleyan via Canterbury (NEPSAC)
Servideo-Conn Coll via Canterbury (NEPSAC)
Sokolski-Tufts via Canterbury (NEPSAC)
4/30/10: Messerly-Hamilton via Mounds View HS (Minn)
Fruchter-Tufts via the Hill School (Penn)
4/29/10: Russell-Amherst via Breck (Minn)
Fenwick-Amherst via Northwood (NY)
4/21/10: Veronesi-Conn Coll via Berkshire (NEPSAC)
4/13/10: Buehler-Wesleyan via Proctor (NEPSAC)
4/12/10: Bartlett-Colby via BB&N (ISL)
4/6/10: Longo-Middlebury via Delbarton (NJ Prep)
4/2/10: Jasset-Middlebury via Lawrenceville
Murray-Williams via Calgary Canucks (AJHL)
Gellatly-Conn Coll via Taft (Founders)
3/28/10: Sider-Tufts via St. George’s (ISL-Eberhard)
3/27/10: Haney-Hamilton via Hamilton Red Wings (CCHL) & Millbrook (NEPSAC)
3/25/10: Gallegos-Tufts via Wichita Falls (NAHL)
3/24/10: Kader-Colby via Valley Junior (EJHL) & Tabor (NEPSAC)
3/23/10: Edwards-Amherst via Bridgewater (EJHL)
3/17/10: Carson-Tufts via South Shore Kings (EJHL)
3/10/10: Bero-Trinity via Bridgewater (EJHL)
2/28/10: Kurlandski-Amherst via Jersey Hitmen (EJHL)
2/23/10: Einstein-Conn Coll via Taft (Founders)
2/22/10-Petchonka-Conn Coll via Taft (Founders)
Barr-Middlebury via Taft (Founders)
Freyre-Middlebury via Taft (Founders)
Bostrom-Amherst via Taft (Founders)
2/20/10: Hartnett-Wesleyan via Canterbury (NEPSAC)
2/19/10: Messina-Bowdoin via the Hill School
2/17/10:Rimmer-Conn Coll via Pomfret (NEPSAC)
2/16/10: Raffone-Bowdoin via Noble and Greenough (ISL)
Wainwright-Wesleyan via Pomfret (NEPSAC)
2/13/10: Coulthard-Trinity via Green Mountain Glades (EJHL) & Pomfret (NEPSAC)
Donahoe-Middlebury via St. Sebastian’s (ISL)
2/10/10: Raymond-Colby via Soo Eagles (NOJHL)
2/8/10: BonDurant-Middlebury via Choate (Founders)
2/6/10:Belisle-Middlebury via Ridley College
2/1/10: Hansen-Amherst via Bay State Breakers (EJHL) & Quesnel Millionaires (BCHL)
Phillips-Tufts via Bay State Breakers (EJHL) & Wichita Falls (NAHL)
1/24/10: Sinsigalli-Conn College via Berkshire (NEPSAC) & Taft (Founders)


28 Responses

  1. Tucker Donahoe’s brother Robbie, out of St Sebastian’s is headed for MIddlebury. I sure hope Tucker has a quick recovery from his injury vs. St Mikes.

  2. Great website. Here are a couple additional commitments – some of these are from league websites but some are just rumored. Not sure you want to add them until they’ve been confirmed.

    Steve Murray F- Calgary Canucks, Williams
    Ryan Edwards F – Bridgewater (EJHL), Amherst
    Garrett Sider F- St. George’s, Tufts
    Sam Courcelles F- St. Paul’s, Colby
    Jack Bartlett, F – BBN, Colby
    Tom Kader, D – Valley (EJHL), Colby

  3. nick trepp – colby – brunswick school

  4. Here’s another canadian for Hamilton: http://www.sjhl.ca/news_item.aspx?news_id=1732

  5. Reportedly Max Mulitz was not accepted by Middlebury’s Office of Admissions. Maybe you could check into that?

  6. No link, but 2 from Deerfield to Williams: Matt Doyle and Tucker Dayton

    • Great – I’ve added them – I was getting worried about having so few Williams names.

  7. hh

  8. Jim Kinney the recruit for Williams played for the NJ Avalanche Jr B MJHL team in 08-09. http://www.metleague.org/player_information.php?playerid=108423&seasonid=14 Also, Matt Doyle another Williams recruit originally played for Glen Rock HS with Kinney before he transferred to Deerfield.

  9. In an earlier post you wrote:

    “Shoot me an e-mail at d3.poty@gmail.com

    I have some information that you should see regarding Middlebury recruits.”

    I’m wondering if you could share that information with me as well?

    Thanks!! I really look forward to following your website all year again!

  10. Christopher Finch – Amherst recruit weighs 210 not 175…
    much more the power forward than your listing would imply.

    • Thanks – will fix. SPS is sparing with the release of data on the size of its players so I think I ended up using some slightly dated info.

  11. I believe Erik Bertin, Forward, from Deerfield is headed to Bowdoin.

  12. Dear NESCAC Hockey WordPress,
    I was a NESCAC Top five recruit for 2010-2011. I can’t see where I am on the page. Where is it? I am referring to your website to show my students. They want to see it. This was my greatest accomplishment in hockey!
    Thomas Kader

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