Conn College roster posted — all NESCAC rosters now available!

Here is a link to Conn College’s 31-member roster, consisting of 8 newcomers (all freshmen), 11 sophomores, 7 juniors, and 5 seniors so a roster short on experience. Four lightly used veteran players did not return for another season: junior d-man Vincent Ditmore (injured last year); sophomores F Billy Stahley and d-man Jamie Carnavalla; and senior d-man Erik Rost.

Conn College launches its 2017-18 season with an in-state trip to Middletown for a Friday game at 7pm with ascendant Wesleyan and then heads to Hartford for a 4pm game on Saturday with defending NESCAC champion Trinity.


Trinity roster posted

Nine down and one to go, with Conn College now the lone hold out . .

Here is a link to Trinity’s 30-member roster, consisting of 9 newcomers (8 freshmen and Northeastern transfer D Nick Fiorentino) and 21 returning players. Two players did not return for another season — senior d-man Mike Menter (was a DNP in 2016-17 and seldom-used junior back-up goalie Matt Millendorf.

The defending NESCAC champions kick off the season by hosting always feisty Tufts at 7:30 on Friday (Nov. 17) and then face the visiting Conn College Camels Saturday afternoon at 4pm.

Middlebury roster is now posted

Middlebury has posted its 30-member roster for 2017-18, consisting of 10 newcomers (9 freshman and Holy Cross transfer Owen Powers) and 20 returning veterans. Not returning for another year are 3 veteran d-men who saw little action last year due to injuries but had been major contributors the prior season (2015-16) — they are juniors Matt Doherty and Spencer Cage and senior Zach Weier. Also not returning for another season is F Danny Jacobs, who was a regular member of the Panther’s rotation last season, playing in 22 games. The roster includes all the recruits listed in our database plus freshman D prospect Tommy Napolitano from the Brunswick School.

The Panthers kick off the season on Saturday, hosting Colby at 7pm, and then face visiting Bowdoin Sunday afternoon at 4pm.

Amherst roster posted!

Amherst has posted its 28-member 2017-18 roster, with 6 freshmen and a 7th new player in junior Alex Einarsson, a goalie from Sweden. All 20 of Amherst’s players from last year’s roster who did not graduate in 2017 have returned for another year so no attrition.

Amherst kicks off the season this Friday (Nov. 17) at 7pm as it hosts defending NESCAC regular season champion and travel partner Hamilton.

Three NESCAC teams–Conn College, Middlebury, and Trinity–have yet to disclose their rosters for the 2017-18 season.

Wesleyan roster posted!!

Wesleyan has posted its 25-member roster, featuring small senior and freshmen classes (just 5 each). There are several veteran forwards who did not return for another season (sophomores Dom Oliver and Matt Horton and junior Elliot Polur) although none of them saw much action in 2016-17. Otherwise, the roster contains the 6 newcomers listed in our database (5 freshmen and Hobart transfer G Tim Sestak) and 19 veteran players.

Wesleyan kicks ooff the season on Friday (Nov. 17 by hosting Conn College at 7pm and then hosts Tufts on Saturday at 3pm.

Four NESCAC rosters still have not been publicly disclosed: Amherst, Conn College, Middlebury, and Trinity.


Hamilton roster posted!!!

Defending regular season champion Hamilton has posted its 28-member roster consisting of 10 newcomers (7 freshmen and 3 transfers) and 18 veteran players.  All of the recruits listed in our database are on the roster and all 18 veteran players returned for another season. So a perfect record for the Continentals on the attrition front (as in no attrition).

Hamilton begins the season this Friday (Nov. 17) with a road trip to travel partner Amherst fir  7pm game and then returns to Clinton to host visiting Stevenson on Sunday afternoon (3pm). The Hamilton-Amherst face-off on Friday should be one of the better games of the weekend . .

We are still missing rosters for half the NESCAC teams: Amherst, Conn College, Middlebury, Trinity, and Wesleyan.

Bowdoin roster posted!!!

Bowdoin has posted its 33-member roster, with no surprises. The roster includes the 7 freshmen listed in our database of recruits and 25 returning veteran players (9 seniors, 9 juniors, and 8 sophomores).