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Quick recap of seeding possibilities for NESCAC play-offs (updated)

A number of questions were answered tonight. The primary open questions are whether Williams or Conn College will get the no. 3 seed, whether Conn College or Hamilton will get the last home slot (no. 4) if Williams grabs the no. 3 slot, and whether Bowdoin or Hamilton will get the no. 5 spot.

First Round of NESCAC play-offs:

 No. 1 Trinity (31 points) will host no. 8 Tufts (12 points)

No. 2 Amherst (26 points) will host no. 7 Middlebury (15 points)

No. 3 Williams (21 points) or Conn College (19 points) will host Hamilton (18 points) or Bowdoin (17 points), which are both in contention for the no. 6 seed (Conn College can catch Williams if Williams loses to Amherst and Conn College beats Colby (tiebreaker looks to go to Conn College due to more wins over top 8 teams)

No. 4 Conn College (19 points), Hamilton (18 points),Williams (21 points) will host the no. 5 seed (which could end up being Bowdoin, Conn College, or Hamilton depending on the outcome of Saturday’s games); with 19 points, Conn College controls its destiny and will get the no. 4 seed with a win over no. 9 Colby on Saturday; Hamilton, with 18 points, gets the no. 4 spot if it wins and Conn College loses or ties on Saturday; Hamilton also gets the no. 4 spot if it ties Middlebury and Conn College loses to Colby (even if Bowdoin beats Tufts); Williams could slip to no. 4 if Conn College beats Colby and Williams falls to Amherst (these two outcomes are more likely than not; Conn College appears to hold the tiebreaker vis-a-vis Williams)

No. 7 Middlebury cannot catch no. 6 Bowdoin due to Bowdoin holding the tiebreaker

No. 6 Bowdoin cannot catch no. 4 Conn College one-on-one due to the Camels holding the tiebreaker

A three-way tie among Bowdoin, Conn College, and Hamilton at 19 points each (this would occur with a Bowdoin win, a Conn College loss to Colby, and a Hamilton tie with Middlebury) would go to Hamilton because it has the best record in the games among the three teams (2-1-1), with Conn College then beating out Bowdoin under the tiebreaker between the two teams


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