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Prep school data for NESCACs

More good data from Peter Russo’s blog as to the average number of New England prep school products on each NESCAC team over the past three years. His data also includes the numbers for D1 schools and several other D3 schools so good for comparison purposes. Bowdoin leads the way with an average of 24.7 prepsters per year — that number is somewhat inflated by the large size of the average Bowdoin roster. The laggards are Hamilton at 13 and Williams at 12, with the latter’s small number in part due to the small size of the Williams’ roster.

Here is Russo’s data for NESCAC schools:

Bowdoin: 24.7

Conn Coll: 23.7

Colby 20.7

Trinity: 18.3

Wesleyan: 17.3

Middlebury: 15.7

Amherst: 15.3

Tufts: 14.3

Hamilton: 13

Williams: 12


2 Responses

  1. After talking to other prep/college coaches, I think another reason that Hamilton is a bit lower is due to their location. If there is a strong NESCAC candidate in the prep circuits, he has a lot of closer options.

    Each school needs to find their niche. For instance, Hobart wants to compete nationally. That is why they don’t take a lot of players directly from prep schools. Because they figure the top prep players are going to attend top nescacs. That is why you see them take a lot of kids who did a year of juniors after graduating from a prep school or from different leagues all together.

    • Conversely, Hamilton is the closest NESCAC to hockey hot bed Ontario so perhaps the best choice for an Ontario-bred hockey player who does not want to be too far from home or whose parents do not want him to be too far from home.

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