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Williams College story hits the Boston Globe

The story of Williams’ (mis)handling of a claim that a member of the Williams hockey team committed a sexual assault in October of 2012 definitely has legs and is unlikely to go away any time soon. Today a long and detailed story appeared in the Boston Globe, with a focus on the circle-the-wagons and bureaucratic response of various Williams administrators to the allegations by the victim of the alleged assault. There is a lengthy petition on change.org initiated by the victim (Lexie Brackenridge) and calling for various changes in Williams’s disciplinary and investigatory proceedings that is aimed at members of the Williams Community and has gathered almost 700 signatures. The breaking point for Ms. Brackenridge and her family seems to have been Williams’ decision to re-admit the alleged assailant after a three-semester suspension and his expected return to campus in the fall of 2014. It is hard to imagine why the Williams administration or the alleged assailant thought that it was wise for him to return to campus. There has been speculation in some of the web comments that perhaps his lawyer threatened legal action if he was not re-admitted. The growing furor in the Williams community (you can really see it in the many comments appended to the petition) suggests that this crisis will not go away, especially if the Williams administration continues to release convoluted and defensive statements that imply a lack of awareness as to how badly things have gone off the tracks in this case. . . .


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