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Bad story about the Williams’ hockey team . .

A Williams hockey player was found responsible for sexually assaulting a fellow Williams’ student in the fall of 2012. The charges were adjudicated under the college’s disciplinary system and the student suspended for three semesters.   The student who was the victim of the attack has decided to go public, painting a picture of harassment by multiple members of the 2012-13 hockey team, a fabricated alibi for the attacker by another member of the hockey team, and a college system of discipline that re-victimized her in various  ways and did not properly administer justice. The woman and her parents blame the attack in part on the mixing of older, more experienced freshmen hockey players with younger freshmen students of the more typical freshman age. Also blamed is the team culture and the coach for helping foster that culture. WBUR (the Boston-based NPR station that published the story) attempted to contact the accused player and Williams HC Bill Kangas for comment but both declined to comment. The woman ended up transferring to Columbia University in the fall of 2013 because, in her mind and her parents’ minds, the Williams administration failed to properly protect the victim. The identity of the hockey player is obvious with about 30 seconds of research but his name was not disclosed in the story  or by Williams because he was not criminally charged.


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