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NESCAC-related news articles

The best source of info about NESCAC teams can sometimes be the student newspaper, especially when the reporter takes the time to talk to the coach and key players:

Good recap from the Amherst student newspaper of Amherst’s win over Wesleyan and loss to Trinity, including commentary from Brandon Hew and Coach Jack Arena on Amherst’s struggles this year, with an emphasis on a lack of consistency.

A couple of good stories from the Bowdoin Orient: one story is a recap of recent games and includes quotes from Co-captain Dan Weiniger and Coach Terry Meagher (Meagher: “We are a surge frenzy team and when that occurs, we’re really good, but when we’re cruising we’re not that good.”); the other story is a nice profile of Bowdoin’s current no. 1 scorer, Harry Matheson.

A story from the Middlebury Campus covering the Bowdoin and Colby games that also includes some interesting quotes from Coach Bill Beaney, implying that the current edition of the Panthers could still pull things together.

A long article in the Wesleyan Argus detailing Wesleyan’s somewhat inconsistent record in January.

Good piece in the Tufts’ student newspaper about the Williams and Middlebury games.

Other NESCACs either provided limited coverage (Trinity) or provide coverage which is not timely (Conn College,  Colby, Williams). Hamilton is to be checked later as the student newspaper was not even accessible via the web today.


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