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Bowdoin-Colby rivalry is the longest in D3

Bowdoin and Colby will renew their storied rivalry this weekend and play each other for the 199th and 200th time. This rivalry is apparently the longest in D3 hockey in terms of number of games played, with the nearest rivalry being some 40 games back. Coincidentally, this year is also Colby’s bicentennial. This article from the Colby website provides good background on the Bowdoin-Colby rivalry and remind us what an amazing power Colby was in the Jack Kelley era in the late 1950s and early 1960s. This era would be well outside of the range of the memories of most NESCAC fans but if you check the AHCA website you will be amazed to discover that 2 of the 6 members of the all-American team (east) in 1962 were Colby players. A third member of that 1962 all-American team was a Middlebury player. This was back in the day when the NESCAC teams with longstanding hockey traditions like Colby, Middlebury, Hamilton, Williams, and Bowdoin played what was the equivalent of D1 hockey. Jack Kelley left Colby for Boston University in the early 1960s, where his success continued unabated for many years.


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