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Changes in NCAA rules for 2012-13 season

The NCAA’s hockey rules committee has adopted several rules changes for the upcoming season (go here for more detail):

–conference option for 4-on-4 OT play (like the NHL’s rule but without the shoot out); institution option for 4-on-4 OTs for out-of-conference games; required switching of goals for the OT period

–relaxing the rule disallowing goals scored off a moving skate (some movement of the skate is allowed but the distinct kicking motion goal is still disallowed; applying this nuanced change should be interesting in the real world)

–slight relaxing of the rule for stopping play when the net is off its pegs

–no hand pass in the defensive zone (face-off at the opposite end of the ice)

–opportunity for calling official to review and reverse game disqualifications after the game and to use video to reassess his original call on the ice

–2 refs and 2 linesmen but not until 2013-14 (but a goal judge is not required)

–more study of going from full-shield masks to three-quarters shields



2 Responses

  1. I haven’t looked it this in more detail, so forgive me if it is covered, but unless there is video review, how would they scrutinize kicking motion? D-3 doesn’t have the resources or manpower for multiple camera angles to properly review goals off of a skate. What the referee sees is what the analysis would be limited to.

    • The NCAA has only released a summary of the changes in the rules (that’s linked at the beginning of the article). Presumably, the rules themselves will eventually be modified too, and we will have a fuller sense of what is intended by these changes. You’re right that, in all likelihood, the assessment will have to be made on the ice in D3. But even if there were video review were both possible and permitted by the rules, it is unclear from the NCAA release where the line is to be drawn between permissible movement of the skate and the still prohibited distinct kicking motion.

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