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Feb 9, 2012, results

The rare occurrence of a NESCAC contest outside of the weekend but it’s an important one for both clubs:

Middlebury 5 Williams 1 (Middlebury definitely seems to have righted the ship as it moves into a second place tie with Bowdoin at 9-5-1 (and 19 points) (Bowdoin has a game in hand) with this win; Williams’ slump continues as it now has only won once in the last 7 games and is barely above .500 in the NESCAC at 7-6-2; with 16 points, it remains in fifth place, 3 points ahead of Wesleyan but Wesleyan has a game in hand; Williams and Middlebury go back at it Saturday evening in Middlebury; the Panthers dominate the game in all facets, including goal tending as Middlebury frosh Dan Fullam easily bests Williams senior Ryan Purdy; Middlebury scores in each period, with three goals in the second period and George Ordway getting the game winner early in the 2nd period; four Panthers have 2-point nights (Michael Griffin, Charlie Nerbak, and George Ordway at 1-1-2 and Thomas Freyre at 0-2-2; SOGs are 48-23 in favor of Middlebury (Williams originally posted a boxscore that indicated a SOG count of only 18-17 – Middlebury definitely dominated the game territorially so the first count was clearly); Dan Fullam gets the win for Middlebury as he saves 22 of 23 shots; Ryan Purdy takes the loss as he allows 5 of Middlebury’s 48 shots to cross the goal line-the shot recount moves his standing up among NESCAC goalies from 7th to 4th on save percentage)


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  1. It’s amazing how off Williams is with their shots. Two weeks ago they had 60 shots against Tufts and 57 for Tufts. I was at the game. Neither team had anywhere close to that man. I was also at last nights game. Shots were closer to 35-40 for Midd and 15 for Williams.

    • We noticed it last year too. It’s as if they do not even track the shots during the game and then they make up some numbers when they submit the score sheets. Strange.

      • The announcers did note at one point in time that the shot counts were not being listed on the scoreboard — they speculated that perhaps that part of the scoreboard was not working. They also opined in the first period that Middlebury had out shot Williams by a sizable margin. You could be on to something!!!

    • There doesn’t even seem to be a logic to the way Williams reports data for its games. Pumped-up shot counts help the goalies’ stats while under reported shot counts hurt the goalies’ stats. In the case of last night’s game, Purdy’s stats were hurt while in the Tufts game, both his and Barchard’s stats were helped.

      The report of 60-58 SOG for the Williams-Tufts game was clearly not accurate. Even with OT, that’s just too many shots (118 for the game???). And then yesterday, 18-17 SOG or 35 for the game??? That didn’t make any sense either as Middlebury fired a lot of shots and Purdy made a lot more that 13 saves.

      • Apparently there has been a recount. The new shots listed on the college hockey stats website are 48 for Middlebury and 23 for Williams. This sounds more in line with the actual game, but does make you wonder how they came up with the original shot totals, which are less than half the new totals. The further this goes the more it seems like they are just making up the shot numbers.

        • 48 SOGS for Middlebury seems a little bit on the high side — the truth is likely somewhere between the first count (18-17) and the latest count (48-23)!!! Bizarre how much trouble Williams has with something simple like shot counts when they have been playing hockey for ever and a day in Williamstown.

  2. Is it just a coincidence that the shot count is fixed when the original total hurts Purdy’s numbers, but isn’t fixed for Tufts when it helped his numbers? It’s getting embarrassing. At home this year Williams has given up the following shots: Midd 48; Tufts 58; Conn 43; Wentworth 39 (in a game they won 8-2); Platts 46; and Wes 51!! Only once have they held a team to under 30 shots at home (Colby), and only once on the road have they given up more than 40 shots (Manhattanville). Really? A team with an excellent D-core like Williams is giving up these kinds of shots at home? If those totals are accurate than Williams has to be the worst defensive team in the country. Obviously they are not. All of this really doing a disservice to Purdy- He’s an excellent goaltender, but if he manages to earn All-Conference or All-American Honors (over Bachard or LaRose let’s say) it will completely delegitimize the honor. This isn’t to say that he shouldn’t be in the discussion or that he isn’t as good a goaltender as those two, only that the books have obviously been cooked (so to speak) in his favor – whether intentionally (not likely) or not.

    …in any case, great site as always.

    • The downside of Williams opening up its webcasts for public consumption!! Saw the Tufts game on-line (58 shots reported for Tufts) and the Middlebury game (48 Middlebury shots) and was about 98% certain that those counts were well above the actual number, especially for the Tufts game. Maybe a mid-30s shot count in both cases. Middlebury definitely dominated Thursday night but didn’t appear to make close to 50 shots. And Tufts is winning on great goal tending and opportunistic scoring but hasn’t reach the offensive juggernaut status that would be required to fire off 58 shots.

      We know that Williams has been doing flaky things in its reporting of attendance numbers for some time. There’s high fiction in some of those box scores on the attendance front, which implies a lack of institutional or quality control over the record-keeping process. And the reporting of attendance numbers varies from game to game, with numbers appearing to be close to accurate for some games and fictitious for others, which implies that the personnel handling score keeping and official reports change from game to game. It’s bad enough to play with the attendance numbers but much more serious to fool around with the shot count when save percentage data tends to be the best indicator of quality goal tending and to play a big role in the selection of all-conference teams. Hard to imagine how the NESCAC coaches can justify picking any of the Williams d-men for the all-conference team based on the number of shots raining on Ryan Purdy!!

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