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Bowdoin falls to Oswego in the quarterfinals

Oswego 7 Bowdoin 5 (Polar Bears hung with the Lakers all the way, pulling to within one with about three minutes left before a late goal sealed the win for Oswego; senior Brendan Reich and frosh Harry Matheson each scored two goals while soph Dan Weiniger racked up three assists; Polar Bears hurt themselves in the third period with a string of penalties; but still an impressive performance by Bowdoin so far from home and against the nation’s second-ranked team and the backdrop of last year’s devastating 9-2 loss to the same Laker team; kudos to Bowdoin for a season superbly played; Bowdoin will miss its many great seniors next year–like Shearer-Hardy, Reich, Fanning, Hanson, Kit Smith, and the late-blooming Rosata–but will have a strong core of returning players, including  the outstanding young goaltender in frosh Steve Messina; would like to see a change in the NCAA tournament rules where the top seeds in the play-offs go to conference champions like Bowdoin with the Pool C at-large picks filling out the bottom of the bracket; not too enthusiastic about the NCAA’s obsession with the “strength of schedule” metric where teams are given extra credit for losing to teams with good records; maybe extra credit for wins over strong teams but a loss to a good team is still a loss; here’s a link to a nice detailed write up of the game from the Bowdoin website; here’s a link to an excellent article on the game in the Portland Press Herald; kudos to Oswego for the high-quality of the webcast, both in terms of the video work (love the close-ups, the replays, and the crowd shots) and the professionalism of the announcers, who, while they were homers, showed utmost respect for the Bowdoin team and the quality of their play)


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